Femme Fatale Lovers in the Snow Collection

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I want to show you Lovers in the Snow Collection from Femme Fatale that will be available January
4th – 8th 2021 at https://femmefatalecosmetics.com.au/ . The inspiration is Suzuki Harunobu’s Lovers Walking in the Snow (Crow & Heron). 
The Met Museum describes the piece:
“Of all ukiyo-e prints of lovers, this one creates the most romantic and melancholic mood. Harunobu emphasizes the intimacy of two lovers strolling in the snow, even suggesting perhaps a michiyuki, a path to a love suicide. The couple walk together in the quietly falling snow, in what is known as an ai ai gasa pose, literally, the sharing of an umbrella and love.”



Crow is a smooth black jelly base with small platinum silver flakes and superfine holographic silver flakes. Shown in 3 coats with top coat.

Quiet Beauty

Quiet Beauty is a clear based, antique silver microglitter topper, with a soft linear holographic accent. This one should be sponged on for full opacity or can be layered in 3 coats. Shown in 3 coats with top coat.


Snowscape is a creamy yellow-toned ivory base with assorted white glitter hexes within. Shown in 3 coats with top coat.


Heron is a luscious yellow-toned cream with deep grey microflakes that give a hint of purple at the light. Shown in 2 coats with top coat.

Pink Silk

Pink Silk is a sheer, silken pink base that gives way to a strong red-orange-yellow-green unicorn pigment. Shown in 4 coats with top coat.

Tender Affection

Tender Affection is another glistening glitter in a clear base; this time a rose pink holographic microglitter with micro rose-gold flakes and holographic pigment. Shown in 3 coats with top coat.

Aiai Gasa

Aiai Gasa is a burnt orange foil type of finish that shifts to copper and gold at angle to the light. Shown in 3 coats with top coat.


Michiyuki is a slightly yellow tinted, soft brown crelly base packed with red-green iridescent flakes. Shown in 3 coats with top coat.

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